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Jpdol is a renowned online pharmacy where we have gained significant popularity in the last few years. It’s all because of the convenience and accessibility that we have provided to our customers. We provide a digital platform where you will get a wide range of pharmaceutical products and services that you can order without any hassle. We allow individuals to place orders at our platform and over the counter medicines from the comfort of their homes. Our team has been working on different aspects of the pharmacy services. Let’s understand how we work.

How We Work

  1. We are operating through a mobile application and a few dedicated websites. We provide a user-friendly interface to our customers so that you can search and place orders for the medicines without facing any issues. In our website, you will see the search bar to enter the name of medicine and browse through the categories.
  2. If you want to avail our services, then you need to create an account by filling your complete details in the required fields. When your account has been created you can store the medicine information, and you will be able to see the medical history, shipping details, etc.
  3. You can easily browse through the website’s catalogue and you will find a wide range of medicines and over-the-counter medicines. You can compare the prices from our pharmaceutical companies and you will find us much more affordable than others.
  4. You can place orders and buy medicines without a prescription from our website. We have specialists available over live chat support to provide assistance to you.
  5. When you are willing to place an order, you need to checkout and make the payment. Our transaction platform is safe and secure, and you don’t have to worry about anything. We accept the payment through debit and credit cards or through Paypal mode, etc.
  6. Once your payment is made, we send you an email to provide confirmation about when shipping will be made and how long it will take to deliver the medicine at your end.
  7. We ship your product within 24-48 hours and make sure that the product gets delivered within 2-5 working days.

We are a licensed online pharmacy store and never disappoint our customers. Your health is our priority and we sell high-quality medicines to our customers. Our medicines are FDA-approved and we make sure that you get the best product from our end. We provide discreet packaging to our customers to keep their identity safe and secure. We request our customers to provide an accurate delivery address so that they don’t lose the product. Feel free to contact us anytime.

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